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HLA class I antigen, aspirin use and colon cancer survival 03-04-2014 Marlies Reimers and colleagues report the novel finding that the survival benefit associated with low-dose aspirin use after diagnosis of colon cancer is dependent on intact HLA class I antigen expression in the original tumor. This can be read in their recent publication in JAMA Internal Medicine. Use of aspirin (which inhibits platelet function) after a colon cancer diagnosis is associated with... Read further 
Cytoreduction and HIPEC after emergency surgery for colorectal cancer 03-04-2014 Thijs van Oudheusden and colleagues investigated whether colorectal cancer patients diagnosed with peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) during surgery for perforation or complete obstruction could eventually benefit from cytoreductive surgery (CRS) followed by hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). In their publication in Annals of Surgical Oncology, they report that CRS + HIPEC may be safel... Read further 
Invitation valedictory lecture prof. dr. Jan Willem Coebergh 03-04-2014 ROTTERDAM - Prof. dr. Jan-Willem Coebergh will give his public valedictory lecture entitled ĎRegister-wise, and how!í on April 25 in Rotterdam. Prof Coebergh was there at the outset of the Eindhoven Cancer Registry (ECR) and has put immense effort in itís survival, continuation and expansion. Because of him nowadays more than 100 publications from researchers together with clinicians arise from th... Lees verder 
Unmet information needs and impact of cancer in thyroid cancer survivors 01-04-2014 The present study by dr. Husson and colleagues shows that thyroid cancer survivors experience several areas of information provision as insufficient, suggesting room for improvement. Their publication in Psycho-Oncology also reports that unmet informational needs are associated with both negative and positive impacts of cancer, which highlights the importance of a personalized care approach for th... Read further 
Living with the physical and mental consequences of an ostomy 01-04-2014 Rectal cancer survivors with an ostomy have a lower quality of life, worse illness perceptions and a higher health care consumption compared to those without an ostomy 1-10 years after diagnosis.This study examined the physical and mental consequences of an ostomy among 1-10 year rectal cancer survivors. Read further 
Diagnosis of peritoneal carcinomatosis in laparoscopic vs. open surgery 06-03-2014 Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery are less frequently diagnosed with peritoneal carcinomatosis than patients undergoing open surgery. This finding can be read in a recent publication by drs. I. Thomassen and colleagues in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology, in which patients who underwent a resection for colorectal cancer between 2008 and 2012 were included. Read further 
Colorectal cancer, diabetes and survival: Epidemiological insights 06-03-2014 This comprehensive review highlights the complexity of the association between diabetes, colorectal cancer (CRC) and patient survival. Several potential explanations have been proposed for the observed association between overall and CRC-specific survival and diabetes in CRC patients.This can be read in a recent review of Marjolein Zanders and colleagues in Diabetes & Metabolism. Read further 
Variation in screening mammography outcomes among pairs of radiologists 06-03-2014 E. Klompenhouwer and colleagues found significant variations in screening outcomes among unique pairs of radiologists at non-blinded double reading of screening mammograms. In order to detect suboptimal results of screening pairs, it is important to monitor screening results on a local scale and to continuously update interval cancers at screening mammography programmes. This can be read in their ... Read further 
Hospital of diagnosis and referral for treatment in oesophageal cancer 06-03-2014 In a recent study by M. KoŽter and colleagues published in European Journal of Cancer, the relationship between hospital of diagnosis and referral for a curative treatment was assessed and the referral pattern and its influence on overall survival in patients with resectable oesophageal cancer was explored. A strong relation between hospital of diagnosis and the chance of referring patients with o... Read further 
Chronic fatigue in Hodgkin lymphoma survivors 05-02-2014 The prevalence rate of fatigue is much higher among HL survivors compared with an age- and sex-matched normative population, 43% versus 28%, even up to ten year after diagnosis. Sociodemographic and clinical factors were not associated with fatigue, only symptoms of depression and anxiety and comorbidity were related to high levels of fatigue. This might have implications for the diagnosis and tre... Read further 
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